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I still have not touched your wetness, although I am getting close to that. My hands and arms wrap around the outside of your legs, and with you open...ng up just a little more, I kiss a trail of kisses to your panties, and I am leaving a light coating of moisture from my tongue all along the hem. I can smell you, your aroma is desire. In what seems to be slow motion, I suck the wet spot of your panties, and I taste you. I now have the flavor of your juices in my mouth, and the passionate smell. .it was Liz? I answered and before I could get a word out she told me, "Hey baby, sorry I lied we didn't really go to bed...." In between every other word I could hear loud clapping and her moaning. I could clearly hear her getting fucked through the phone. She spoke again, "Don't say anything....oh fuck that's it.... just enjoy this phone call, I'm....holy shit..... putting the phone on the night stand...mmmm fuck right there..." I didn't say a word--I put my phone on speaker and pulled my. The former owners had done a good job with the landscaping, trees and shrubs around the perimeter giving privacy while leaving the rest of the space mostly open with a few benches and a small table tucked into a secluded nook. My favorite spot was under a huge cedar tree, a rustic bench wrapping all the way around it. I loved to sit in the shade of the fragrant branches and read.The food was prepped, the nibbles plated, and I had part of the eight cases of beer I’d bought iced down. There were. He began twisting and pulling on her nipples and he saw that shewas again awash in feminine pleasures. As he too was riding the awesomesexual wave. Then he started rocking and then bucking his hips as hedrove into the sexy little girl sitting on his cock. And again hereveled in the amazingly powerful feeling as he continued to buck andfuck Laynie. Then again he reach the 'boiling point' and blew his loadinto her tight snatch. Gasping as he came down from his thirdincredible orgasm, he looked.

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