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She concentrated on the balls of the toy, thinking carefully about what materials she should use. Wood — and even clay — wouldn't provide the she wished to attain without a lot of magical enhancement. Considering the problem for a few minutes, she sketched and made notes while mulling over the problem.She first thought of glass marbles, but realized they would be far too heavy. Hollow glass balls would be perfect, she thought. She smiled and thought Grant could help her with that. They. Make me proud, take tonight and go out for date-night!" Rob was trying to console me but he also seemed to have breathed a sigh of relief. He asked repeatedly if I was sure and if I would be ok and I assured him on all counts that I was fine and wanted this. There was some discussion about me being absolutely sure but finally, the conversation ended with my knowing Rob and my wife were getting an Uber to head to a nice dinner together, alone. It was almost three hours later when I got a. She then told me to put my hands behind my back and when I did so I felt her lock hand cuffs on each wrist. She then took a rope and tied it to the center of the handcuffs and stretched my arms up backward and tied the other end of the rope to the headboard of the bed.In a matter of a few minutes I found myself forced into a bent over position with my ass spread wide. I was totally helpless.My wife then picked up a paddle and started to light into me ass. While she was paddling my ass she was. When we were there, he sent me a few more messages. “Please come. You will not regret it.” As tempted as I was, “I am with my friends. What will I tell them? We all plan to leave together. Some other time maybe.”It was nearly 5 pm. Now that we had started to leave the campus, we had spent the afternoon just chilling. His video was running through my mind and was driving me crazy. As we exited the campus, we decided we would go home, freshen up and meet again at a common friend’s place by.

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