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It is said ‘life is like a river that flows always changing.’ I’m not sure where that saying came from but, it reminds me that my story is man’s life with all the variations and is not about some pity request. I was going to leave this story alone, keeping it just about a single man’s strength of will and intent to raise his son in safety. This is a true story for the most part and, while about 90% of it is true there are some aspects of this story that I invented due to lack of. A moment later, the twitch turned into an obvious swelling. He was getting bigger. He was getting hard. I felt his cock harden like steel. It was pressed against the top of my ass, throbbing, begging to get played with. Again, we sat there. I was trying my hardest to figure out what was going through his mind, wondering if he was desperately trying to think it down. I’m not sure what his motivation was for what happened next. Either discomfort or horniness overtook him as I felt him grab his. "No, never," she said. "I guess I must just be a born cunt-sucker. It seemed so--so natural." She grinned impishly. "I just tongued you the way I like to be tongued, myself." You seemed to enjoy yourself down there," Veronica said."Umm. Pussy is delicious," Linda said, licking her lips which were smeared with cunt cream.Veronica cocked her head and said: "I'm looking forward to having a little snack, myself--I hope I like pussy as much as you do and that I do as good a job." I'm sure you will,". Now that things were shuffled, we would all have new regular seats, at least until Melanie got out of her wheelchair, then we’d have to rearrange. I wanted to sit by her and so did Jennifer. We were doing everything we could to help her, just like they had helped me when Birgit had died.Sarah actually talked more than she had before, mostly to Jennifer, but also to me. I got the idea that they had developed at least a passing friendship last quarter from the way they talked. The seating.

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