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When I felt that was enough, I lined my cock up with her pussy and without warning, I plunged my cock deeeeep inside her hot ass, seeing we both LOVED...the feeling, I didn't need to be told, I started thrusting my cock in and out and in and out and in and out and INNNNNNNNNN and OUUUUUUUUUTT. Each thrust was harder than the last, and I'm guessing she loved rough sex. I continued pounding my cock into her sobbing pussy, and trust me, I felt her pussy juices dripped down my cock.I just kept on. She was young woman with a sexy body unlike his fat old wife of his in his native in West Bengal. Meera had the habit of taking bath in the evenings to be fresh for her husband. Afzal quickly opened his mobile camera and began filming the young lady taking bath while he was enjoying himself her beauty. As he was always on night shift, this became his every day routine of peeping into Meera’s bathroom and to take videos of her. He was staying alone in Bangalore with his wife and k**s in a rural. Jen suggested to Michelle that she pull back the foreskin on my cock to expose the head. I felt her breath on my cock as she leaned right in and with her finger and thumb she lightly pulled it back exposing the head of my throbbing penis. Sally moved up with the ruler. Thwack, thwack, two strokes on the underside of the shaft, thwack, thwack, two on the harder shaft top followed by two more on the tip. Kate took the proffered ruler and put her hand right round my thickening erection. Thwack,. I started to jog at one point because some black guys followed me for a block or two until I got out of their neighborhood. I wasn’t sure if they were going to kick my ass or sell me weed or both.Once I got home, my mother was waiting at the table with a cup of coffee. My father was home from work so I knew I was in trouble. They freaked out when they saw me walk in and said they had been worried about me. They didn’t know if I was “Dead in a ditch somewhere or kidnapped or what!”My mom began.

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